I didn’t realize it was literally all over the woods. the seeds we planted by the path of her camp, with mary, were right there in clusters, and the…
How wilderness is connected to the English garden, the understanding of what is divinely ordained, and our feeling about wildness as it connects to…
A memory exercise, finding the universe un-form and re-form in a singular taste of fruit
Three sessions coming up exploring some key topics we have focused on on the Ground Shots Podcast. Reserved this round for a small group of folks.
Episode 72 of the Ground Shots Podcast is with Lisa Ganora, herbalist and plant chemist, out of Paonia, Colorado.
A handful of recent inspirations, and new bits of offering coming up through Ground Shots
Ground Shots Extras #3: Reflections on my interview with herbalist and plant chemist Lisa Ganora, at Elderberry's Farm in Paonia, ColoradoListen now (16 min) | molecules as spirit, how we're literally all connected, rapidly changing culture of herbalism, Hawthorn for the heart, and more.
Datura, a death guardian. A sharp protectress of riversides, and open deserts and cow patties, fencelines. One who shows us her fertile glow in the…
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